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Avant Gauze Drain Sponges 4" x 4" Sterile 6-Ply, Box of 50, Caring
List Price: $12.95
Our Price: $8.25
Avant Gauze Sponge Pads, by Medline
Sterile and Latex Free
Available in 2 sizes
Caring Gauze Sponge Pads, Non-Sterile, 8ply & 12ply
3 sizes available
100% Cotton
Latex Free
CarraFree Odor Eliminator Spray 1oz Unscented, Medline # CRR101003
List Price: $5.99
Our Price: $4.25
CarraScent Odor Eliminating Spray, Fresh Scent, by Medline
Comfort Glide Drypad Underpads by Medline
Air-permeable, moisture-proof backsheet
provides exceptional skin dryness and comfort
CURAD Maternity Support Belt
List Price: $32.99
Our Price: $12.95
Provides back and abdominal support
Latex Free
Available in 2 sizes
CURAD Non-Stick Pads With or Without Adhesive Tabs
Available in 2 sizes
With or without Adhesive Tabs
Latex Free
Compares to Kendall Telfa Pads
CURAD Nu-Layer Hydrocolloid Dressing 3" x 3" (Box of 4), # CUR76128
List Price: $14.99
Our Price: $6.95
Ultra-thin design
CURAD Pediatric Arm Sling for Infant, Toddler & Child
List Price: $10.99
Our Price: $8.95
Available in 2 sizes
Latex Free
CURAD Pressure Bandages Large (Box of 100) # NON85100
List Price: $21.99
Our Price: $17.95
CURAD Waterproof Tape 1" x 10 yds Adhesive, Box of 12, # NON260501
List Price: $49.99
Our Price: $19.95
Waterproof and oil resistant
Latex Free
DenTips Disposable Oral Swabs, Untreated (Blue), Medline
Latex Free
Dri-Go HP Antimicrobial Moisture Wicking Sheet 10" x 144" Roll # MSCWH219
List Price: $89.99
Our Price: $59.95
Ultra-smooth and soft fabric wicks
moisture away from skin flaps
Gentac Silicone Fixation Tape by Medline
Ideal for fragile skin
Waterproof and Latex Free
Available in 2 sizes
Medfix EZ Dressing Retention Roll Tape by Medline
Available in 3 sizes
Medigrip Elastic Tubular Bandages - All Sizes
Click here to view all available sizes
Medline Adhesive Tape Remover Pads, Box/100 or Case/1000, #MDS090855
Individually wrapped
Removes tape and residue
Latex free
Medline Double Tread Slippers with Slip-Resistant Soles  (1 Pair)
List Price: $5.99
Our Price: $4.50
Available in 5 sizes
Latex Free
Medline Esmark Bandage Sterile & Non-Latex
Available in 5 sizes
Latex Free
Medline Skintegrity Wound Cleanser Spray, 8oz & 16 oz Bottles
Delivers gentle yet thorough cleansing
Medline Sterile Alcohol Prep Pads (Large) # MDS090670
Saturated with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol
Latex Free
Medline Sterile Cotton Tipped Applicators (6" - Wood), # MDS202000
Medline Toilet Safety Rails, Adjustable Handles and Legs
List Price: $69.99
Our Price: $49.95
Adjustable handles and legs
Medline Triumph Waterproof Washable Underpads 34"x36"
Heavy 10 oz Soaker
Waterproof, Reusable
Machine Wash and Dry
Optifoam Thin Foam Wound Dressings by Medline
Highly conformable
Can be cut to size
Latex Free
OptiLock Dressing Non-Adhesive Wound Dressings, Medline - All Sizes
Super-absorbent Polymer Core
Available in 5 sizes
Protect Extra Protective Underwear by Medline
Moderate Absorbency Level
Available in 3 sizes
Protection Plus Disposable Polymer Underpads 27"x70" (Case of 75)
List Price: $99.99
Our Price: $70.95
Super Absorbency
Latex Free
Qwick Non-Adhesive Wound Dressing with Aquaconductive Technology
Super absorbent & wicking
Can be cut to size and shape
Available in 2 sizes
ReadyBath No-Rinse Shampoo Cap, Unscented, Medline  Case of 30
List Price: $105.99
Our Price: $79.95
Fragrance Free
Hypoallergenic and alcohol free
ReadyBath Rinse-Free Shampoo Caps Scented, Medline - Each
List Price: $5.99
Our Price: $4.99
Hypoallergenic and alcohol free
ReadyBath Rinse-Free Shampoo Caps Scented, Medline  Case of 30
List Price: $99.99
Our Price: $75.95
Hypoallergenic and alcohol free
Remedy Clinical TREAT Antifungal Powder with 2% Miconazole Nitrate (3oz)
List Price: $19.99
Our Price: $16.95
Relieves itching, burning and irritation
Remedy Hydrating No Rinse Cleansing Foam & Shampoo w/ Phytoplex, 4 & 8 oz
No-rinse nourishing formula
for use on hair and entire body
Available in sizes
Remedy PREVENT Silicone Cream (Formerly Hydraguard Skin Cream
Hypoallergenic, Non-irritating
Pediatrician Tested & Dermatologist Tested
Remedy PREVENT Silicone Cream (Formerly Hydraguard-D), 2oz Bottle (Each) # MSC092564
List Price: $22.99
Our Price: $16.95
Dimethicone Cream
Nourishes and conditions dry, cracked skin.
Sofnit 300 Tartan Reusable Underpads
Available in 2 sizes
SORBEX Wound Dressing by Medline
Highly absorbent primary or secondary dressing
Available in 2 sizes
Stratasorb Composite Dressing Island Wound Cover - All Sizes, Medline
Non-adherent Pad
Sure-Grip Terrycloth Slippers with Rubber Sole
Click on image for sizes and prices
Flexible rubber soles
Sureprep Rapid Dry No-Sting Barrier Film Spray 28ml, # MSC1528
Easy to use spray
Protects from maceration
Does NOT contain alcohol
Suresite 123 Transparent Film Dressings by Medline
May be left in place for up to 7 days
5 sizes available
Suresite Window Transparent Film Dressing by Medline
Available in 2 sizes
Allows continuous observation
Latex Free
Tubular Elastic Net Bandage Retention Netting  All Sizes, Medline Curad
Latex Free
Available in 12 sizes
Unna Boot Dressing Compression Wrap with Calamine, Medline Unna-Z
Impregnated with zinc oxide and calamine
Available in 2 sizes