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Active Instant Liquid and Food Thickener 10oz, Medline # ENT32210
Mixes instantly
Fat free
Duocal Powder Supplement 14oz Can, Nutricia # 118262
Duocal Powder Supplement 14oz Can, Nutricia # 118262
List Price: $49.99
Our Price: $38.95
Milk and protein free
Promote vibrant health and catch-up growth
Fiber-Stat with FOS + Prune Juice Concentrate 30oz, # 70001
Provides 60% of Daily Value for fiber
Lactose Free, Gluten Free, Soy Free
Glucerna 1.0 Cal Nutritional Drink 8oz Carton (Case of 24) Abbott # 64913
For impaired glucose intolerance
Glucerna 1.2 Cal Nutritional Drink 8oz Can (Case of 24) Abbott #50904
Specialized nutrition for enhanced glycemic control
Glucerna 1.5 Cal Nutritional Drink 8oz Can (Case of 24) Abbott # 53534
Specialized high-calorie nutrition with a
unique carbohydrate blend for enhanced glycemic control.
Hormel Thick & Easy Instant Food Thickener
Blends with hot and cold folds
Available in 3 sizes
Jevity 1.0 Cal Isotonic Nutrition With Fiber
For supplemental or sole-source nutrition
For tube feeding
Jevity 1.2 Cal High Protein Nutrition With Fiber
For supplemental or sole-source nutrition
For tube feeding
KetoCal 3:1 Formula Powder, Unflavored 11oz Can by Nutricia # 16672
Ideal for a ketogenic diet
KetoCal 4:1 LQ Multi Fiber Formula 8oz (Case of 27), by Nutricia
Ideal for a ketogenic diet
Ready-to-feed formula
Vanilla or Unflavored
LAB + BLENDS CBD Oral Tincture Daily Dose 630mg CBD with Olive Oil, 1oz
Supports body comfort and relaxation
LiquaCel Liquid Protein Supplement, 32oz
16g of protein per serving
Available in 4 flavors
PediaSure Shake Drink 8oz by Abbott Nutrition
May be used as the sole source of nutrition
or as a supplement
Available in 4 flavors
Pro-Stat AWC Sugar-Free Liquid Protein Supplement
17 g of enzyme-hydrolyzed complete protein
Available in 2 flavors
Pro-Stat Liquid Protein Supplement, 30 oz, Sugar-Free
4 Flavors available
Lactose and Gluten Free
Pro-Stat Renal Care Protein Supplement 30oz, Tangerine, # 60064
Provides protein and prebiotic fiber
Sugar free
Pro-Stat Sugar Free Liquid Protein Supplement, 1oz Singles
Easy & convenient for on-the-go
and traveling
Promod Liquid Protein Supplement 32oz Fruit Punch, Abbott # 59721
Provides 100 calories and 10g of protein
Proteinex 18 Liquid Predigested Protein 30oz Bottle
Does not contain fat, sugar, carbohydrates
Available in 2 flavors
Pulmocare Therapeutic Nutrition Drink for COPD, Abbott Ensure
Designed for people with COPD, cystic fibrosis,
or respiratory failure
Suplena with Carb Steady Therapeutic Nutrition Supplement Drink 8oz, Abbott
Specifically designed for chronic kidney disease
(stages 3 & 4).
UTI-Stat Liquid Supplement with Proantinox 30oz Bottle, # 60001
Manages urinary tract infections