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Male Urine Guard, JMP Incontinence Pouch, Bag of 30
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Male Urine Guard, JMP Incontinence Pouch, Case/12 Bags (360)
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Male Urine Guard, JMP Incontinence Pouch, Sample Pack of 5
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HighTideHealth is proud to carry JMP Incontinence Products which includes the innovative J-Clamp and Male Urine Guards. The J Clamp was invented for heavy urinary incontinence in men. It eliminates leaking by compressing the urethra. One handle adjusts both and size and pressure making this incontinence clamp easy to use. Urination is achieved by releasing pressure with the handle. It is smaller than most penis clamps and the circular shape makes it more comfortable than older-style clamps, like the Cunningham Clamp. The upper portion of the device is contoured to allow vascularity of the penis. This incontinence device is made of plastic, stainless steel and rubber. The J Clamp can easily be cleaned with soap and water. With the J Clamp you can continue to enjoy an active lifestyle. The J Clamp was invented by Dr. Terry Jackson who wears the clamp daily. There truly is no other solution that is as well thought out for excessive male urinary incontinence management. The JMP Male Urine Guard was developed as an effective and affordable alternative to wearing adult disposable diapers or washable incontinence briefs for men with light incontinence. This absorbent male urinary incontinence pouch is very small, sanitary and easy to change and dispose of, even at a public urinal! The inside is filled with a super absorbent padding which holds 2.0 oz of urine and wisks the moisture away to keep your skin dry. Perfect for a man with urine leakage after prostate surgery. The outside of the Male Urine Guard is made from a liquid proof plastic. The adjustable elastic comfortably conforms to a penis size up to 6" in circumference.