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Skin Protection Creams, Barrier Creams, Skin Repair Lotions

3M Cavilon Durable Barrier Cream, 3.25 oz, Fragrance Free, # 3355
Dimethicone Skin Protectant Cream
Fragrance and alcohol free
3M Cavilon No Sting Barrier Film Spray, 28ml Pump Bottle, # 3346
Won`t clog or reduce
absorbency of diapers or pads
3M Cavilon No Sting Barrier Film Wipes, Box of 25, # 3344
Won`t clog or reduce
absorbency of diapers or pads
Aloe Vesta Clear Antifungal Ointment, 5oz (Each) # 325105
2% miconazole nitrate
Fragrance and dye free!
Aloe Vesta Protective Ointment 3, Moisture Barrier 2 & 8 oz
Provides protection as a moisture barrier
Conditions the skin while repelling moisture
Baza Clear Moisture Barrier Ointment, 5 oz tube, Coloplast  # 1006
Clear, petrolatum-based moisture barrier
Contains skin conditioners
Calmoseptine Ointment Moisture Barrier Cream, 4 oz, # 104
Provides a physical moisture barrier
Coloplast Micro Guard Antifungal Powder, 3 oz, # 1337
Effective treatment for topical fungal infections
Critic-Aid Clear Moisture Barrier Ointment by Coloplast
For light to heavy skin irritation
due to incontinence
Available in 2 sizes
Critic-Aid Skin Paste Thick Moisture Barrier Paste by Coloplast
For severe skin irritation
due to incontinence
Available in 2 sizes
Marathon Liquid Skin Protectant (0.5g Applicator), Medline # MSC093005
For powerful skin protection
No Sting!
Fast drying
McKesson Lubricating Jelly 4oz Tube (Each), # 16-8919
Water Soluble
Medline Remedy Skin Repair Cream with Olivamine, 4 oz tube
Nourishes and conditions dry, cracked skin.
No-Sting Skin-Prep Spray Skin Protectant 1oz (Each), # 66800709
A liquid film forming skin protectant that
helps protect intact or damaged skin
Remedy Antifungal Cream with Olivamine, 4 oz, Medline # MSC094604
Nourishes & helps relieve
fungal symptoms of itching,
burning & irritation
Remedy Barrier INZO Skin Protectant Cream 4oz Tube (Each), Item # MSC095420
Enhanced with Vitamins A, D and E
No dyes or perfumes!
Remedy Calazime Skin Protectant Paste, 4 oz, Medline # MSC094544
Nourishes skin while
treating & preventing
diaper rash, wet & cracked skin
Remedy Clear-Aid Skin Protectant Barrier Ointment, 2.5oz, Medline
Use in perineal area and lower extremities
Remedy Hydraguard Skin Cream with 24% Silicone Blend
Hypoallergenic, Non-irritating
Pediatrician Tested & Dermatologist Tested
Remedy Hydrating No Rinse Cleansing Foam & Shampoo w/ Phytoplex, 4 & 8 oz
No-rinse nourishing formula
for use on hair and entire body
Available in sizes
Remedy Nutrashield Skin Protectant Cream, 4 oz, Medline # MSC094534
Helps Prevent Diaper Rash, Dry & Cracked Skin
Remedy Zinc Paste (Formerly Z-Guard) Skin Protectant Paste, 4oz
Helps treat and prevent diaper rash caused
from wetness, urine and/or stool
REPARA Antifungal Barrier Cream Miconazole Nitrate 2% (5 oz tube)
Softens and soothes affected skin to relieve
redness, irritation, scaling, itching,
discomfort and burning
Secura Antifungal Greaseless Cream, 2 oz, Smith & Nephew
contains zinc oxide
Secura Dimethicone Skin Protectant Cream, 4 oz, Smith & Nephew
Contains 5% dimethicone
Does not clog briefs
Secura Skin Protective Cream Zinc Oxide, 1.75 & 2.75oz, Smith & Nephew
Pediatrician tested
Aloe, Vitamin E and Allantoin
Secura Skin Protective Ointment, 5.6 oz tube, Smith & Nephew
Skin Protectant
Vitamins A,D, and E
Sensi-Care Protective Barrier Cream, 4 oz, ConvaTec # 325614
Prevents irrtation due to incontinence
Smith & Nephew Skin-Prep Spray Protective Dressing, 4 oz, #420200
Helps tape and film adhesion
Soothe & Cool Moisture Barrier Ointment
Enhanced with Vitamins A, D and E
Available in 2 sizes
StingFree Skin Prep & Protectant Wipe Pads (Box of 50) # 00237
No sting formula
Alcohol Free
Sureprep No-Sting Skin Protective Barrier Wipes, Medline #MSC1505
Protects from maceration
Does NOT contain alcohol
THERA Body Shield Dimethicone Skin Protectant 4oz, # 116-BSD4OZ
5% Dimethicone
THERA Body Shield Moisturizing Skin Protectant 4oz, # 53-MS4
1.5% Dimethicone
THERA Calazinc Body Shield Skin Protectant 4oz Tube, Mfr # 53-CZ4
UniDerm Moisturizing Cream, 3oz, pH Balanced, Smith & Nephew #443500

This section contains products used to protect and heal skin from diaper rash caused by urine or fecal matter. We carry trust names such as 3M, Smith & Nephew, Coloplast, Medline, Remedy, Convatec, and Calazime.