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Hypafix Gentle Touch Silicone Retention Tape

Hypafix Gentle Touch Silicone Retention Tape
Hypafix Gentle Touch Tape is fixation tape for delicate, sensitive skin. Hypafix Gentle Touch Retention Tape is made with a soft silicone adhesive substrate that is the right balance between secure fixation and gentle care. It is ideal for extremely sensitive skin such as a baby's skin, aging skin, parchment skin or medicinally stressed skin. Hypafix Gentle Touch can be cut to size and shape. The specific adhesive properties of Hypafix gentle touch keeps skin cells intact and allow repositioning without stressing the skin. The high moisture vapor transmission rate lets the skin breath and reduces the risk of maceration. Hypafix Gentle Touch dressings are radio transparent and do not have to be removed for X-ray examinations. Latex Free.

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Available Products
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Our Price:
# 7996601: 2" x 5.5yd - Each
List Price:$16.65
Sale Price:$13.95
# 7996602: 4" x 5.5yd - Each
List Price:$33.35
Sale Price:$23.95
# 7996603: 6" x 5.5yd - Each
List Price:$47.46
Sale Price:$37.95
:: Product Name: Hypafix Gentle Touch
:: Available Sizes: 2" x 5.5yd, 4" x 5.5yd, and 6" x 5.5yd
:: Packaging: One roll in a retail box

Manufacturer: BSN Medical
Product Number: 7996601, 7996602, and 7996603

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