FLA C3 Women's Post-Op Shoe with Microban

Post-Op Shoe, FLA C3 Women's Post-Op Shoe
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FLA Orthopedics C3 Tri-Laminate Post-Op Cast Shoe is ideal for use after soft tissue procedures and post trauma. Post operative shoe has adjustable straps that accommodate casts and bulky dressings. The post surgery shoes features 3 layers (outer, middle, and inner) to help you stay clean, cool, and comfortable. Outer layer is extremely durable and is black to hide dirt. Middle layer is made of a antimicrobial foam to keep you clean. The inner layer features a unique wicking material that transports moisture away from the skin and into the antimicrobial foam layer. Surgical shoe fits either the right or left foot. One postoperative shoe per package. Select from 4 sizes below. Womens

:: Product Name: C3 Tri-Laminate Post-Op Shoe
:: Available Sizes: Small, Medium, Large (See Size Chart)
:: Color: Black
:: Gender: Women's
:: Packaging: One shoe in a plastic bag

Manufacturer: FLA Orthopedics
Product Number: 43-820

C3 Post-Op Shoe Size Chart
Product # Size Women's Shoe Size
43-820400Small4 - 6
43-820500Medium6-1/2 - 8
43-820600Large8-1/2 - 10
Additional Info
Additional Information as Provided by the Manufacturer, FLA Orthopedics

The Post-Op Shoe is part of the C3™ family of products. Products which have overcome the major problem with orthopedic products - patient compliance.

Clean + Cool + Comfortable = Compliance

Discover the C3™ Tri-laminate benefits for easy and comfortable wearing.

Soft, hook compatible outer laminate is extremely durable and comfortable.
Black color hides dirt for easy and attractive long term wear.

Foam inner is treated with antimicrobial protection.
The result: A Clean and Comfortable Product.

Soft liner is made of a unique wicking material that transpots moisture away from the skin and into the antimicrobial treated foam layer.
The result: Dry, Cool and Comfortable Wear.

  • For use after soft tissue procedures and post trauma
  • C3™ Tri-laminate material is cool and comfortable
  • Foam layer with antimicrobial protection
  • Adjustable straps accommodate bulky dressings
  • Removable trim-fit tongue provides a better fit
  • Fits right or left foot

1. Undo both strap closures and move hook squares to end of straps.
2. Loosen straps and open shoe.
3. If you need to trim the tongue to apply the arch cushion follow the instructions on the insert.
4. Insert foot into shoe and adjust square hooks and close flaps. The shoe should fit snugly but not too tight.


This unique removable tongue can be customized.

1. Remove tongue and cut in any configuration to give the patient maximum comfort.
2. Replace tongue in desired position.


Handwash in luke warm water with a mild detergent. Air dry.

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