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CircAid Compression Garments for Lymphedema and Venous Disease

CircAid Comfort Compression Anklets, One Pair
Available in 2 sizes
Latex Free
CircAid Comfort Knee-High Leg Liners, One Size Fits All
Fits sizes Small to XXL
Latex Free
CircAid Juxta Lite Standard Legging Compression Calf Wrap
Great alternative to compression stockings and bandaging
Adjustable compression levels
(20-30, 30-40 or 40-50mmHg)
Juxta Fit Essentials Hand Gauntlet Compression Hand Wrap
Controls swelling in wrist and hand
for people with lymphedema
Made of cool Breathe-O-Prene™
Juxta Lite Ankle-Foot Wrap, Compression Foot Wrap
Juxta Lite Ankle-Foot Wrap, Compression Foot Wrap
List Price: $48.00
Our Price: $38.40
Made of Cool Breathe-O-Prene™
Anti-odor SILVERtec™ lining
Fits most foot shapes

CircAid Compression Leg Wraps and Arm Wraps are a great alternative to traditional compression stockings or tedious bandaging to treat lymphedema or venous insufficiencies.