Salk Holofiber Max Diabetic Med-Crew Sock for Women and Men, 1 pair

Holofiber Diabetic Med Crew Socks for Men & Women
Holofiber Diabetic Med Crew Socks for Men & Women
Holofiber Diabetic Med Crew Socks for Men & Women
Holofiber Diabetic Med Crew Socks for Men & Women
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Salk's Holofiber Diabetic Socks are clinically proven to increase blood flow by up to 29.9%. By increasing blood flow, these diabetic socks for men and women help increase circulation, promote healing, and prevent sores and open wounds. Holofiber socks are ideal for diabetics and rehab patients. The Holofiber diabetic footwear are breathable and safe, antimicrobial, and LATEX FREE. White. 4 sizes available according to shoe size. One pair of diabetic socks per package. Before selecting size, see Size Chart in Specification Tab below.

:: Product Name: Holofiber Max Diabetic Med-Crew Socks
:: Available Sizes: 7-9, 9-11, 10-13, 13-15
:: Gender: Women and Men
:: Color: White
:: Material: 47% Acrylic, 38% Celliant, 13% Nylon, 2% Spandex
:: Packaging: One pair of socks in a retail package

Manufacturer: Salk, Inc
Product Numbers: HFW79, HFW911, HFW1013, HFW1315

Holofiber Diabetic Sock Size Chart
Product # Package Size Designation Fits Women's Shoe Sizes Fits Men's Shoe Sizes
HFW797-97 - 9--
HFW9119-119 - 117 - 9
HFW101310-13--10 - 13
HFW131513-15--13 - 15
Additional Info
Additional Information as Provided by the Manufacturer, Salk, Inc

Works with the human body system to increase oxygen levels to the skin, which can build strength, increase energy and accelerate muscle recovery.

How it works

  • Ambiant light hits Holofiber fabric
  • Holofiber transforms the light energy
  • Holofiber also transforms energy emitted by the body
  • Transformed energy, transmitted by the body, increases oxygenation.

Space-age Textile Oxygen and Energy Recovery System Ideal for Diabetics and Rehab Patients
Salk diabetic socks and rehab wrap products with Holofiber® can significantly increase the quality of support and healing. In clinical testing, Holofiber® has been proven to increase oxygen levels in the skin; and a similar effect has been shown in laboratory testing of Salk products. It is widely recognized that elevated levels of oxygen in the skin aids in healing and tissue recovery.

  • Responsive to the body's own energy and emitted spectrum of light.
  • Helps regulate body temperature in affected area
  • Clinically proven to increase blood flow by up to 29.9%
  • Positively permanent for the life of the garment
  • Can be worn undetected under clothing
  • Completely breathable
  • Completely safe
  • Latex Free
  • Antimicrobial
  • Wash & Wear
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