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Smith & Nephew Opsite Transparent Dressings

OPSITE Flexifix Transparent Adhesive Film Roll Dressing
Easy application to awkward areas
Available in 2 sizes
Smith & Nephew OPSITE Flexigrid Transparent Film Dressings
OPSITE FLEXIGRID is an adhesive film dressing that is resistant to water and body fluid which allows the patient to bathe without changing dressings. A waterproof dressing also helps to prevent bacterial contamination. The OPSITE film creates a moist wound environment by retaining exudate. OP SITE is a transparent dressing and part of the Smith and Nephew wound care family. It is transparent, adhesive film, with a unique wound measurement grid for recording wound size. The OPSITE FLEXIGRID film is highly extensible and conformable, which combined with its high moisture vapour permeability, means the dressing can be left in place for up to 14 days or as directed by your healthcare professional. This minimizes interference at the wound site and reduces the amount of nursing time required.