Mediven Super Grip Donning Gloves

Mediven Compression Stocking Application Donning Gloves
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Mediven's Super Grip Stocking Application Gloves protect your valuable compression garments from snags, tears and runs. Often referred to as Donning Gloves they are worn by professional fitters to apply compression hose and lymphedema arm sleeves. They have textured palms and finger pads that improve the grip to make applying your compression socks or sleeves easier. They can be very helpful for people with limited hand strength. Does not contain natural rubber. Choose from Sizes Small, Medium, or Large. One pair.

:: Product Name: Mediven Super Grip Stocking Application Gloves
:: Available Sizes: Medium, Large, and X-Large
:: Size Specifications: Note from HighTideHealth: We think these gloves run small. Our recommendation:
Small: Petite women with small hands
Medium: Average women with medium hands
Large: Women with large hands and most men
:: Packaging: Two gloves in a plastic bag

Manufacturer: Mediven USA
Product Number: 98602, 98603 and 98604

Additional Info
Additional Information Provided by the Manufacturer, Mediven:

Mediven Super Grip Stocking Application Gloves:

  • Protects hosiery from running and tearing
  • Provides protection against fingernails and jewelry
  • Textured palms and finger pads to prevent slipping
  • Improves grip when putting on support stockings
  • Helpful for people who have difficulty applying stockings
  • Does not contain natural rubber