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Incontinence Cleansers, Wet Wipes & Deodorizers

3M Cavilon Skin Cleanser No Rinse, 8 oz, # 3380
3M Cavilon Skin Cleanser No Rinse, 8 oz, # 3380
List Price: $15.99
Our Price: $11.95
Effectively cleanses and moisturizes
Helps control odor
Coloplast Baza Cleanse and Protect Perineal Lotion, 8 oz, # 7712
Cleans, moisturizes and protects
ConvaTec Sensi-Care Perineal Skin Cleanser, 4 oz, # 324504
Alcohol free for sensitive skin
Cuties Premium Quilted Baby Wipes Scented and Unscented
Lavender Scent or Unscented
Hard pack tub or Soft Pack
EasiCleanse Bath No-Rinse, Self-Foaming Disposable Washcloth (Pack of 30), # 7055
No-rinse, self-foaming
preservative and paraben free!
FitRight Aloe Personal Cleansing Cloth Wipes (Case of 816) # MSC263754
Extra-Large 8" x 12" size
Resealable soft-pack
Hollister m9 Odor Eliminator Spray and Drops
Effectively and safely eliminates odors
Scented or Unscented Spray
Kendall White Washcloth 10" x 13" Novonette Finish (Case of 600), Covidien # 6040N
Strongest and most versatile wipe
Heavy absorbency
Medi-Aire Biological Odor Eliminator by Bard
Unscented, Fresh Scent & Lemon Scent
Choice of 1oz spray bottle or
8oz spray & refill bottle
PDI Sani-Hands Instant Hand Sanitizing Wipes
Clinically proven to kill 99.99% of germs
Prevail Adult Washcloths, Premium Quilted (Case of 576), # WW-910
Extra-Large 8"x12"
Super Strong & Soft
Cotton enhanced fabric
Prevail Disposable Adult Washcloths 48ct, Case of 12 Soft Packs (WW-710)
Extra-Large 8"x12"
Super Strong
Soft and soothing
Soft-pack with Press 'N Pull Lid
Remedy Hydrating No Rinse Cleansing Foam & Shampoo w/ Phytoplex, 4 & 8 oz
No-rinse nourishing formula
for use on hair and entire body
Available in sizes
Remedy Intensive Skin PhosphoCleanse No-Rinse Foam Cleanser
Tear Free
Non-allergenic and Non-sensitizing
Helps reduce odor
Remedy Phytoplex Dimethicone Skin Protectant Barrier Cream Cloth Wipes
Contains 3.6% dimethicone
Paraben Free
Secura Personal Cleanser, No Rinse Skin Cleanser 8 oz, Smith & Nephew
Helps control odor
Pediatrician tested
Secura Total Body Foam Skin Cleanser Dispenser, 4.5oz, No Rinse Wash
Does NOT run
Pediatrician tested
Secura Total Body Foam Skin Cleanser Dispenser, 8.5oz, No Rinse Wash
Does NOT run
Pediatrician tested
Tena Cleansing Cream 3-in-1 Wash
Unique blend of emollients, skin conditioners & moisturizer
TENA ProSkin Dry Washcloths 13" x 13.25" (Case of 800) # 74500
Ideal of incontinence care, bathing, or clean up
Available in 2 sizes
Tena Ultra Washcloths 7.9" x 12.5" (Case of 576), # 65720
Contains aloe and chamomile
Tena UltraFlush Washcloths 7.5" x 12.5" (Case of 576), # 65726
Contains aloe and chamomile
Certified flushable
99% biodegradable
Tranquility Cleansing Wipes (Case of 600), # 3101
Tranquility Cleansing Wipes (Case of 600), # 3101
List Price: $69.99
Our Price: $46.95
Large 9" x 13" size
Contains Aloe

Managing the clean-up of adult fecal incontinence requires more than the standard baby wipes you can find at your local drug store. In this section you will find large, heavy duty, pre-moistened wipes in pop-up containers.