Next Science BlastX Antimicrobial Wound Gel (1oz Tube), 3M # 93000

Next Science BlastX Antimicrobial Wound Gel (1oz Tube), 3M # 93000
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Next Science BlastX Antimicrobial wound gel deconstructs the bacteria biofilm extracellular polymetric substance (EPS) matrix, destroys bacteria within the gel, and defends from recolonization while maintaining a moist wound environment. Indicated for the management of wounds such as stage I-IV pressure ulcers, partial and full-thickness wounds, diabetic foot and leg ulcers, post-surgical wounds, first and second degree burns, and grafted and donor sites.

Destroy bacteria within the XBIO technology: With the biofilm matrix dissolved, bacteria are exposed and more vulnerable to attack.

Defend from recolonization: Disrupting and destroying the biofilm matrix can reduce the rate of recurrence more than hundred times, effectively defending against recolonization.

Non-toxic: Compatible with a broad range of advanced healing modalities, and sets the stage for better preparation and ongoing care of the wound bed.

Contraindications: It should not be used if there is a history of allergy to any of the ingredients.

Precautions: Do not cover with alginate dressings.

:: Product Name: Next Science BlastX Antimicrobial Wound Gel
:: Size: 1oz
:: Ingredients: 0.13% Benzalkonium chloride, polyethylene glycol 400, polyethylene glycol 3350, sodium citrate, citric acid, and water.
:: Packaging: One tube per package

Manufacturer: 3M
Product Number: 93000