SELECT Lemon-Glycerin Swabsticks 3's (Box of 25), # 146

SELECT Lemon-Glycerin Swabsticks 3's (Box of 25), # 146
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PDI Hygea Lemon-Glycerin Swabsticks are ideal for post-operative use and for special oral healthcare when swabbing is needed. Each oral swabstick is pre-moistened with gentle lemon-flavored glycerin. Ingredients: water, glycerin, lemon flavor, citric acid, sodium benzoate. They are also good for lubricating the mouth and lips dried from high fever or anesthetic, and help remove the taste of medication. Item # 146.

:: Product Name: SELECT Lemon-Glycerin Swabsticks 3's
:: Unit Size: 4" long
:: Packaging: One box of 25 packs (Each pack contains 3 swabsticks = Total of 75)

Manufacturer: Select Medical
Product Number: 146

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