Stay-Erect Ring Kit with Mach-1 Rings by Pos-T-Vac for P.E. and E.D.

Stay-Firm Mach-1 Ring Kit by Pos-T-Vac for P.E. and E.D.
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The Pos-T-Vac Stay-Erect Ring Kit was designed for men who can naturally achieve an erection but not maintain it. This is a drug-free alternative to maintaining a lasting erection. This is different than the $30 kits you find throughout the internet. This kit contains two genuine Pos-T-Vac Mach Rings ($24 each, when sold individually). The kit includes:

  • One Mach Tension Ring Size 1 (High Tension)
  • One Mach Tension Ring Size 2 (Standard Tension)
  • Loading Cone
  • Loading Sleeve
  • Black Zipper Carrying Case
  • Sample Lubricating Jelly packette
  • Instructional booklet

Penis rings may be used by men experiencing Premature Ejactulation (P.E.) or Erectile Dysfunction (E.D.). The kit is used to maintain penile rigidity by placing the tension ring at the base of the penis to restrict the flow of blood leaving the penis. May be used in conjunction with E.D. drugs such as Viagra or Cialis. Made in the USA by Pos-T-Vac.

Due to health regulations and for the protection of our customers, this product may not be returned or exchanged.

:: Product Name: Pos-T-Vac Stay-Erect Ring Kit
:: Manufacturer: Pos-T-Vac Medical
:: Kit Includes Mach Tension Ring #1 (Highest Tension)
Mach Tension Ring #2 (Standard Tension)
Loading Cone
Loading Sleeve
Carrying Case
Sample Packette of Lubricating Jelly
Instructional Booklet
:: Packaging: One kit in a seal plastic bag
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