Pedifix Pedi-Gel Ball-of-Foot Pads, One Size Fits Most, Package of 2

Pedifix Pedi-Gel Ball-of-Foot Pads, 2 Pieces
Pedifix Pedi-Gel Ball-of-Foot Pads, 2 Pieces
Pedifix Pedi-Gel Ball-of-Foot Pads, 2 Pieces
Pedifix Pedi-Gel Ball-of-Foot Pads, 2 Pieces
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Pedifix Soft Pedi-Gel cushion and protect the metatarsal area (the ball of your foot). These forefoot pads absorb pressure, friction and shock. The soft gel helps to prevent painful calluses. Pedifix Ball-of-Foot Pads have a thin design that makes them comfortable to wear. The self-sticking pads adhere directly to feet or inside of shoes. Washable and Reusable. 1 pair per package.

:: Product Name: Pedi-GEL Ball-of-Foot Pads
:: Color:Clear
:: Size:One Size Fits Most
Approximate measurements: 2-7/8" long x 2-1/2" wide
:: Packaging:One pair (2 pieces) in a retail package

Manufacturer: PediFix, Inc.
Product Numbers: P8201

Additional Info
Additional Information from the Packaging:

PediFix Pedi-GEL® Ball-of-Foot Pads

Relieve Forefoot Pain. Self-Sticking, Stay in Place

  • Cushion & Protect Metatarsal Area
  • Soft Gel Prevents Painful Calluses
  • Absorb Pressure, Friction & Shock
  • Thin Design, Washable & Reusable

Apply to feet OR shoes!

Soft Pedi-GEL® cushions and protects to relieve pain, prevent calluses and keep feet from sliding forward in shoes. Provides extra padding for thin-soled footwear. Durable, washable and reusable to provide months of comfort. Self-sticking pads adhere directly to feet or the inside of shoes.

Directions: Wash and dry feet. Peel off backing and apply. To remove, gently peel away from skin. Do not apply lotions, powders or medications to pads or skin when using Pedi-GEL® products. Keep packaging for storage when not in use.

Pads will not adhere to skin unless both are clean and dry.

Care: Hand wash and rinse thoroughly. Air dry completely before reuse. Gel maintains its self-adhesive properties even after washing.

Warning: Do not place product on an open wound. If irritation, discomfort or poor circulation occurs, discontinue use. If symptoms persist, visit a physician.

Additional Information about the Manufacturer, PediFix, Inc. and their Satisfaction Guaranteed policy:

PediFix stands behind every item with "The PediFix Promise": If you are not fully satisfied with the performance of any PediFix product, just return it directly to PediFix for a replacement or refund. We will never give you a hassle. In fact, if you are not happy with your purchase, we encourage you to share your comments with us so we can learn from your experience and serve all of our customers better in the future.

Your feet don't have to hurt! Put your best foot forward today with PediFix.

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