Juzo Basic Ribbed Compression Socks, 4201 AD (20-30mmHg)

Juzo Basic Ribbed Compression Socks, 4201AD (20-30)
Juzo Basic Ribbed Compression Socks, 4201AD (20-30)
Juzo Basic Ribbed Compression Socks, 4201AD (20-30)
Juzo Basic Ribbed Compression Socks, 4201AD (20-30)
Juzo Basic Ribbed Compression Socks, 4201AD (20-30)
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Juzo Basic medical grade compression socks are economically priced without compromising on the quality you expect from Juzo. The unisex ribbed design is available in Khaki, White, and Black with reinforced toes and heels. Juzo Basic Ribbed Knee High Socks Style #4201AD have therapeutic graduated compression (20-30mmHg) to improve the circulation in your legs. Perfect for business, casual, and travel. They will be your "go-to" socks for everyday comfort. Machine wash and dry. Latex free. Sizes I through V, Regular or Short length.


::Product Name:Juzo Basic Ribbed Socks
::Style: Knee High
::Compression Strength: 20-30 mmHg
::Foot Style: Full Foot Only (Closed Toe)
::Sizes:I, II, III, IV, and V
::Lengths:Regular (R) or Short (SH)
::Colors:Black, Khaki, and White
::Packaging:1 pair in a box

Manufacturer: Juzo USA, Inc. (Julius Zorn)
Product Number: 4201AD

Additional Info
All compression hosiery and socks should be replaced after six months of normal wear. They start losing their effectiveness after that time. They will appear "looser" over time and you will start losing the maximum benefits of their compression strength. We recommend marking the date on the retail box they came. Also, if you keep the box you have the codes for reordering.

Additional Information Provided by the Manufacturer, Julius Zorn, Inc. (Juzo):

It is recommended that you consult your medical professional and fitter for proper guidelines on the use and application of this product. As therapy progresses or new symptoms develop, it may be necessary to take new measurements for a new compression stocking.

It is also recommended that you put your compression stockings on first thing in the morning every day. Rough fingernails, jagged rings etc. can damage fabric; use a Juzo latex free donning glove to protect garment.

Features of the Juzo Basic Ribbed Socks Style #4201AD:

A value compression ribbed sock that is appealing for both men and women.

  • 20-30mmHg
  • Unisex
  • Stylish appeal
  • Skin friendly
  • Machine wash & dry
  • Full Foot (Closed Toe) Only
  • Three colors
  • Latex free
  • Seamless
  • Unisex


Primary & secondary varices, pregnancy varices and or edema, venous & chronic venous insufficiency, post superficial thrombophlebitis, prophylaxis of thrombosis & the post-thrombotic conditions, post-thrombotic syndrome, postoperative & post-traumatic edema, lymphatic edema & lipedema, elephantiasis, angiodysplasia, pre & post vein procedure, arthrogeneous congestive syndrome, paresis & partial paresis of extremities, prophylaxis of venous disorders, heavy & fatigued legs, atrophy blanche, dermatoslcerosis, post ulcer, severe tendency to edema & treatment of burn scars.


Absolute: peripheral arterial disease, decompensated heart diseases, septic phlebitis, phlegmasic coerulea dolens.
Relative: concomitant dermatoses, intolerance to compression stocking fabric, sensory disturbance of the limb, advanced peripheral neuropathy, primary chronic arthritis.

No side effects are currently known. However if a negative result should occur (i.e. skin irritations) from the use of our product, please consult with a medical professional. The manufacturer is not liable for damage/injuries which have been caused by improper handling or misuse.
Julius Zorn Inc. assumes no liability as a result of any contraindicated use of this product.
*Contraindications according to the German Phlebology Society.

Washing Information:

To maintain your Juzo stockings, we recommend the following:

  • Hand or machine wash warm daily to maximize therapeutic effectiveness and prolong the life of your Juzo garment
  • When machine washing and drying, use the lowest permanent press settings. A garment bag is strongly recommended and available in the Juzo Compression Therapy Care accessory package.
  • Wash dark colors separately from other clothing.
  • Use Juzo washing detergent or another mild soap.
  • DO NOT USE: bleach, chlorine, fabric softeners, or other laundry additives. There may damage your garment.
  • Please refer to the washing symbols on the label sewn into your Juzo stocking.
  • Store your stocking in a dry place at room temperature.