Juzo Roll-On Adhesive Lotion for Compression Garments, 2oz

Juzo Roll-On Adhesive Lotion for Compression Garments, 2oz
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Juzo Adhesive Lotion has been specially formulated for use with medical compression stockings. It is simple to use and effective for keeping your compression hose firmly in place. Adhesive Lotion is also commonly referred to as body glue adhesive or sock glue and is used by people who are either allergic to or don't like the feel of the silicone bands in compression socks. Juzo adhesive glue is rolled on your body either just below the knee, the top of your thigh, or for compression arm sleeves, the top of your arm. Then put on your garment and press it against the adhesive. This should be enough to keep it in place all day! May be also be used on knee braces or leg warmers to keep them from slipping down. Juzo Roll-On Adhesive leaves no spotting, is comfortable to wear, and washes off with water. Roll-On 2oz plastic bottle.

:: Product Name: Juzo Adhesive Lotion
:: Size: 2oz (59 ml)
:: Packaging: Roll-on plastic bottle

Manufacturer: Julius Zorn, Inc.
Product Numbers: 9800

Additional Info
Additional Information Provided by the as provided by the manufacturer Julius Zorn (Juzo):

Juzo Adhesive Lotion:

Allergic to silicone but want your garment to stay in place? Try the Juzo adhesive roll–on lotion – it maintains the placement of the garment.

  • New bottle design
  • Easy to roll on
  • Washes off easily with water

    Special roll-on lotion for comfortable wearing of compression stockings, knee braces, or knee warmers. Easy to use. No spotting!

    INSTRUCTIONS: Roll on one or two stripes halfway around the thigh. Position the garment and press it against the skin. This should be enough to hold it all day. Washes off with water. Recap tightly after use. Store upright.