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FLA Pediatric Neoprene Elbow Support Sleeve
FLA Pediatric Neoprene Elbow Support Sleeve

Pediatric Neoprene Elbow Compression Sleeve Support Brace, FLA

List Price:$19.90
Our Price:$15.95

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FLA Orthopedics Pediatric Neoprene Elbow Compression Sleeve Support Brace is ideal for pediatric, youth kids typically from ages 2-7 years old. This elbow support provides compressive support and is made of sports neoprene. The neoprene elbow black has an adjustable strap to provide proper fit and compression.Navy color and fits right or left arm. One pediatric elbow sleeve per package.

:: Product Name: Supports For Me Pediatric Neoprene Elbow Sleeve
:: Size: Pediatric/Large (See size chart)
:: Color: Navy
:: Packaging: One Neoprene Elbow Sleeve in a retail box

Manufacturer: FLA Orthopedics
Product Number: 19-601304

IMPORTANT SIZING NOTE: It is very important to take your child's measurement and refer to the Size Chart below. The actual measurement is what should be used to determine the size. The manufacturer supplied the "Approximate Age" reference, however, we do not always find it accurate and children vary greatly in size in every age group.

Supports for Me Neoprene Elbow Sleeve Size Chart
Measure circumference of forearm
Size Fits Approx. Age
Pediatric6 1/2" - 7 1/2"2 - 7 years

If the child is older than seven or has a forearm circumference greater than 7 1/2" inches, please look at the identical product in the adult size. Click here to view product. The adult size Small fits 7" - 9" (measured above 3" below the center of elbow). We also offer the FLA 3D elbow support which starts at XX-Small that fits 6 3/4" to 7 1/2". Click here to view product.

Additional Information as Provided by the Manufacturer, FLA Orthopedics


FLA Orthopedics offers a full range of orthopedic suppots and braces specifically designed in pediatric and youth sizes. FLA Orthopedics' pediatric products have been anatomically designed using anthropometric data complied from two studies and accommodate 95% of children, providing a more precise fit and better overall support.

The high quality, soft but durable materials used in our pediatric line provide optimal comfort, support, and durability that both kids and parents can count on. All FLA infant and pediatric products are child friendly - latex free and free of metal buckles and harsh closures, reducing the chance of irritation.

Infant size fits 0-24 months; the Pediatric size typically fits children 2-7 years old, and the Youth size is designed for kid 8-12 years of age. Ages provided are approximate and should be used as a general guide. Measurements should be taken to ensure a proper fit.

Features & Benefits:

  • Provides Compressive Support
  • Sports Neoprene
  • Adjustable Straps

Fasten any closures. Hand wash as needed in warm water with a mild soap. Pat dry with towel to remove excess water. Air dry away from heat. Do not use bleach. Ensure item is thoroughly dry before reapplying.

Always consult a physician to determine the most appropriate product for the individual's condition and the prescribed use. Contact a physician if persistent pain, discomfort, inflammation or swelling is encountered.

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